Devin Townsend - Ziltoid The Omniscient (2010)
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(Category: Metal, Progressive metal, Rock, Coffee metal)

An absolutely zany, bizarre and insanely unique concept solo project composed and performed entirely by the brilliant Devin Townsend.  The album features an earth invading alien Ziltoid in his quest to find “Earth’s ultimate cup of coffee”.  

BASELINE: Features Townsend’s legendary guitar riffs, bright melodies, complex composition and clear production. Also,
mind boggling use of computer synthesized drums.

HIGHLIGHTS: Townsend’s legendary guitar riffs, clear production and performance.  Extremely entertaing voice acting with goofy fun concept.  Performance of synthesized drums.  Addictive flow and nature of album.

Tracks - ZTO; Zildoidia Attaxx!!; Solar Winds; Hyperdrive; Color Your World

IMPRESSION:  Must have, must listen!  Particularly if you know and enjoy Strapping Young Lad (this is a close as you’ll ever get). The album is an enjoyable ‘rock opera’ type concept that will keep you coming back for more.  At times the voice acting segments at the beginning of tracks can be a bit of a buzz-kill when you skip to particular songs.  Nonetheless ZTO is a music collection essential.

(Similar Artists: Strapping Young Lad; The Devin Townsend Band; Devin Townsend Project).

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