Star One - Victims Of The Modern Age (2010)
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(Category:  Progressive rock/metal, Space metal)

A collective/collaboration of elite vocal and musical talent under the design, direction and performance of Norwegian metal mastermind Arjen Lucassen.  

BASELINE: Tasty guitar riffs and solos (modern meets 80’s), organs/keys (lots of synth). Great heavy metal edge and perfect length tracks.

HIGHLIGHTS: Exceptional vocal contribution and harmonies on all tracks. Massively enjoyable songs, each diverse and unique -- paired with lyrics inspired by classic films (particularly those of post-apocalyptic themes).

Tracks - Earth That Was; It’s Alive, She’s Alive, We’re Alive; Victim of the Modern Age.

IMPRESSION:  An excellent release with an abundance of memorable tracks.  The atmosphere may not be for everyone but will certainly be welcomed by established fans.  New listeners are encouraged to check this album out.  Performances are stellar and enjoyable, resulting in excellent replay value and lasting appeal.

(Similar Artists: Ayreon; Guilt Machine; Threshold; Symphony X; Shadow Gallery).

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