Anathema - Hindsight (2008)
┬ęKscope Music
United Kingdom


  1. Fragile Dreams (5:30)
  2. Leave No Trace (4:52)
  3. Inner Silence (3:40)
  4. One Last Goodbye (6:03)
  5. Are You There (5:18)
  6. Angelica (5:00)
  7. A Natural Disaster (6:20)
  8. Temporary Peace (5:10)
  9. Flying (6:27)
  10. Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected) (4:18)

Have you ever listened to perfection? I don't think you have if you haven't checked out Anathema's album "Hindsight". The album contains tracks that they've already released in their past albums, but they are redone as acoustic versions. Every track is composed beautifully and each is extremely enjoyable to listen to. I've bought many albums by popular artists in the past and I usually find that the hit singles are the only tracks in the album that are worth listening to, because that is where all the artist's work goes. That is not the case with Anathema.

Each song in this album makes you think and it's not just the deep lyrics, but even the music itself. There's a certain mood that's there; most would say it's quite sad, in fact someone told me that she is surprised that I don't slit my wrists after listening to this album, because she believes that it is depressing. Now I'll tell you why I don't slit my wrists - besides the fact that this band is NOT EMO and neither am I. To me there is more than sadness, but there is also peace, beauty and even happiness. I believe that if you know what music is, you can listen to this album the way I do and that is appreciating every single element put into it. If you think slitting your wrists and being an attention whore is appreciating this album, you're an idiot and you don't know music. I'm not saying that it's wrong to feel sad from it; I'm just saying that Anathema's songs are supposed to approach you in a reflective, reasoning way.

I just want to bring up one of the songs in the album that really affected me. "One Last Goodbye" was the first songs I heard off "Hindsight". I haven't heard Anathema's original version of the song yet, but I'll be sure to check it out. I'm sure "One Last Goodbye" is a song that most people can relate to, since it's about losing a loved one. It was written about the mother of two of the band members Vincent and Danny Cavanagh. The whole song is composed beautifully and Vincent puts so much emotion into his voice, you can just really feel the loss. I really thought a lot about how I can relate to it and I thought of my own losses. It's hard to pass on an emotion through music, because you really have to express it the right way to get people to feel it. Every piece of the song has to fit the right way. The melody, vocals, instrumentals, everything. Anathema accomplishes this through all of their songs, without sounding sappy or cheesy.

I will once again use the word beautiful to describe this album. For once I haven't wasted my money on some effortless peace of crap and I've enjoyed every single piece of work put into it. "Hindsight" is truly and amazing album



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