Antimatter - Leaving Eden

©Prophecy Productions

United Kingdom


  1. Redemption (6:08)
  2. Another Face In A Window (6:53)
  3. Ghosts (4:30)
  4. The Freak Show (5:11)
  5. Landlocked (3:54)
  6. Conspire (4:10)
  7. Leaving Eden (5:44)
  8. The Immaculate Misconception (5:09)
  9. Fighting For A Lost Cause (5:35)

"Leaving Eden" is hands down one of my favorite depressingly beautiful albums of all time. Of course it’s of little to no surprise that Anathema origins of the bands founder Duncan Patterson (former bassist) leaves a stamp on this magnificent band we know today. Since the band's conception, Antimatter has taken host to, maintained, and perfected stunning ambient acoustic progressive rock.

Mick Moss (co founder) now singularly sitting at the helm, accompanied on lead guitar by current Anathema member Danny Cavanagh has defined and separated his remarkable contribution to Antimatter by writing the latest release "Leaving Eden". It hosts a very sad atmosphere rendering beauty, darkness, loss and innocence. The mood is sustained with a collective of acoustic guitars, piano, cello, and electric guitars. On top of that, Mick's soothingly blues like vocals precisely complete and complement the sound. The lyrical ballads and song writing are spectacular with various themes that can be interpreted by the listener as they imagine or translated in its literal form.

"Leaving Eden" is an album all fans of music should give a chance. It is a marvel of musicianship that will strike a note with any listener. When one comes across an album that is capable of settling and stirring up feelings ranging from emotion to pain, send shivers down your spine, bring tears to your eyes and put a smile on your face, you know you’ve encountered something really special. Do not miss this one.



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