Bloodbath - The Wacken Carnage (2008)
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  1. Intro (0:24)
  2. Cancer of the Soul (3:49)
  3. So You Die (4:28)
  4. Soul Evisceration (4:03)
  5. Ways to the Grave (3:54)
  6. Ominous Bloodvomit (4:36)
  7. Like Fire (5:01)
  8. Bastard Son of God (3:09)
  9. Breeding Death (5:12)
  10. Outnumbering the Day (4:05)
  11. Brave New Hell (4:35)
  12. Furnace Funeral (5:19)
  13. Eaten (4:20)

First of all, this album has torn my limbs off! Fucking AMAZING live album. This package contains both a track disc and of course a live DVD that features the show, performed in its entirety. The tracks that have been chosen for this show's setlist are some of the band's best tracks off their released albums. "The Wacken Carnage" starts off with a cruel song called "Cancer of the Soul" which is heavy, loud and head-bangingly blood shedding! You cannot be dissapointed if you are a Bloodbath fan!

The show has such a clear and profound sound that it doesn’t even sound as if they were playing live. Through the tracks, vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt talks and interacts with the fans; adding to the entertainment of the concert. All tracks are performed with great skill and energy that make you crave more. The album ends with a great song called "Eaten". It was easy to notice that at the end of every phrase, the words rhymed perfectly. I will give you a little taste of what it sounds like:

"I’ve had one desire since I was born. To see my body ripped and torn. To see my flesh devoured before my eyes. I’m here for you, I volunteer as a human sacrifice. Carve me up, slice me apart. Suck my guts, like my heart. Chop me up. I like to be hurt. Drink my marrow and blood for dessert."

The rest of the song continues it's path of catchy rhymes, which is pretty cool. In my opinion, it sounds great with Akerfeldt's deep growling vocals and harsh tone. The chorus is the main focus of the song that helps back up these phrases which were given. I find it quite original and it gives a sort of trademark sound for the band, setting them differently apart from other bands as if they're portraying their own true identity, making the band unique in their own way, since their lyrics rhyme without sounding the least bit corny. As you will notice while listening to the album, many of the tracks have the same type of structure in rhymes.

The DVD is of good quality. You can see the crew in their bloody and filthy outfits and the enormous crowd chanting: Bloodbath! Bloodbath! Bloodbath!. Mikael Akerfeldt and Dan Swano are probably the only two members that seems to be the most excited compared to the Katatonia bassist (Jonas Renkse) who wanders all alone by himself on the stage. It's funny, but still, a great DVD portage. Either way, the band is energetic and all the songs sound very similar to their studio versions, which was really surprising. For that reason, it makes me worship Bloodbath even more.



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