Bush - The Sea of Memories
©E1 Records


  1. The Mirror of the Signs
  2. The Sound of Winter
  3. All My Life
  4. The Afterlife
  5. All Night Doctors
  6. Baby Come Home
  7. Red Light
  8. She's a Stallion
  9. I Believe in You
  10. Stand Up
  11. The Heart of the Matter
  12. Be Still My Love

Grunge is dead, let's face it. It came and went like most musical fads do. As much as we'd love to, we'll never be able to relive those glory days of the mid 1990's when Big Shiny Tunes was an actual viable source of good music - you know, before Papa Roach and Taking Back Sunday began to poison mainstream rock music. And don't even get me started on Shinedown...

But that's just natural progression of fads in the music industry. Before Indie/Hipster rock, there was Emo. Before Emo was Nu-Metal and before that; was Grunge: by far my favorite of 1990's music. It was raw and emotional. but not overly sappy. The genre catered mostly to angst-ridden teens and social misfits alike. In this reviewers opinion - this was the last breath of rock music before it died. Sure there have been some pleasant surprises here and there since the early 2000's, but nothing really worth mentioning (at least on a Metal site).

So what does Grunge have in common with Metal? They're both aggressive and uncivil categories of music. This is what brings me to Bush. I love these guys. Their first 2 albums especially which I still listen to on a regular basis. Back in the 90's, this was a heavy band. Not only in instrumentation; but lyrical themes too. Bush burst into the scene back in the glory days of Nirvana and Alice in Chains, sold millions of albums, played sold out shows all over the world and then sort of fell off the face of the planet.

Finally however, a new album is out. Is Gavin Rossdale pissed off again? Should we break out our torn jeans and Walkmans and go smoke cigarettes behind the youth center in celebration?

Nope. Radio friendly rock and roll. Sounds like Danko Jones.

I just literally sighed out loud at the situation.


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