Chartiots of the Gods - Reverence [EP]


  1. Signs of a Dead World (4:51)
  2. The Defying Ones (3:00
  3. Exiles (4:35)
  4. Chariots of the Gods (4:14)

What do you get when you mix the vocals of Arch Enemy with the musicianship of Insomnium? You get some really good Melodic Death Metal, and that’s exactly what Chariots of the Gods did with their EP Reverence. Spanning only 4 songs, it’s a great insight to what this Ottawa quintet is capable of. With plenty of melodic guitar passages, speedy (but never sloppy) solos, a powerful vocal performance and intense thick drum production; Chariots of the Gods are here to show you that they’re taking their work seriously.

There’s no clichés to be found here. Just pure Metal. With all the genre mixes there are today in the world of Metal, it can be extremely difficult to create something unique sounding, but Chariots of the Gods have accomplished just that. Sometimes it pays off just fine to stick to making good honest metal and not throwing in multiple genres and cliches for shock value (ex: Pacifist).

I can honestly say I enjoyed every song with sincerity on this EP. Reverence is on a normal rotation in my daily playlists; whether it’s while working, exercising, or helping old ladies across the street, it’s a real treat to the ears. With a running time of only sixteen minutes, I say there’s no reason to pass up a chance to check these guys out. They’re Canadian (like myself) and everything Canadian is awesome. Need proof? Ashes of Eden, Kataklysm, Annihilator. There you go.

So here’s a horns up to Chariots of the Gods! Have a great Canada Day and continue to produce quality Metal! Cheers guys.


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