Destinity - Synthetic Existence (2005)
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  1. At the End (0:35)
  2. In Nuclear Light (6:14)
  3. Ex Nihilo (5:08)
  4. Fanatic God Machine (4:47)
  5. Evolution : Devolution (5:35)
  6. Deconstruction of Times (7:32)
  7. Deshumanized Nature (4:52)
  8. Neurotic Illness (4:05)
  9. Synthetic Existence (6:03)

Bring on the Thrash!

It's no secret that I love Destinity. Their latest album "The Inside" is musical perfection. A milestone of achievements obtained after many years of hard work and dedication. So how does this predecessor of French Death/Thrash stand out in terms of skill, prowess, and talent? I'll tell you where: right at the top, along side it's successor. Once again, I am completely torn to shreds by the fascinating expertise of Destinity. Sure "Synthetic Existence" is a little less mature and produced than "The Inside", but at this point I could care less because what shoots forth from my speakers is some of the most well-crafted Metal I've come to hear from the French scene.

Let bands like Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth take notice. This is how you fabricate Thrash Metal. It's not about praising Satan, bitching about politics, or taking time off your busy schedule to tend to the needs of a whiny attention-whore drummer. (That's right Lars Ulrich, I'm talking to you)

"Synthetic Existence" utilizes more keyboards than it's successor, but never to a state of say, Power Metal cheesiness. No, as a matter of fact, they're quite well played out and suit the other instruments very productively. Guitar-wise, "Synthetic Existence" is REALLY heavy, and the beefy double bass just compliments the guitar tone. Not to mention, this band knows how to formulate a kick-ass guitar solo. What pleases me, is that I can actually feel the emotion put into each song. Song structure plays an important role on this album. All of these elements abetted with those distinctive Destinity growls make for one ultra shit storm of Thrash. Support Destinity. They're one of the few true Thrash bands left on earth that don't rely on record sales and media attention in order to create music.

I said it before in my review of "The Inside" and I'll continue to say it until people heed my words. Support this band. They've got a bright future in store for them as long as they keep their shit flowing productively without error and don't turn into a musical soap opera like Metallica. Long live the French Metal scene. Long live Destinity.



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