Destinity - The Inside (2008)
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  1. My Senseless Theory (5:42)
  2. Murder Within (4:34)
  3. Thing I Will Never Feel (4:33)
  4. Still Remember (4:11)
  5. A Thousand Falling Skies (5:05)
  6. Inhuman Corrosive Report (4:07)
  7. Ready to Leave (5:33)
  8. Enemy Process (4:29)
  9. Escaping Reality (4:29)
  10. The Inside (4:46)

Holy crucified false prophet, Batman. Destinity monarchs every Death/Thrash band I've ever heard to this day. "The Inside" is most unequivocally one of the best albums in the genre. These Frenchmen really know how to pound out a fucking song with no bullshit slowing it down. Literally. "The Inside" is one of the speediest albums I've ever experienced, and not to mention heavy as a ten ton brick with just the right amounts of keyboards to add atmosphere and not end up sounding like Children of Boredom.

On top of all these very Metal elements, vocalist Mick (last name M.I.A.) eructs a very distinctive sounding growl along with excellent clean vocals while never breaking off character. The guitar work contained on "The Inside" brandishes countless bodacious riffs and monumental solos, sometimes at such phenomenal speeds that it requires multiple listens to catch every single note played which, by the way, all works magically.

This is in supreme contrast to, say; Dragonforce, who attempt to reach such instrumentally supreme speeds, yet fail unfathomably (especially in a live setting). There's a rule in music when it comes to performance. If you can't pull your own shit off flawlessly live, then don't create music to begin with. Destinity, however, completely annihilate all which stand in their path!

Right now, this band has a bright as the fires of Hell future ahead of them if they continue pursuing their ideas in the creative and constructive manner they've done so on "The Inside". I am wonderfully pleased with the type of no bullshit metal given forth from this album. Destinity is young. Time is on their side. Let's see how long they can keep this up.

Destinity: Behold and adore. Fear and give praise. I raise my fucking horns to you with full force. Keep your shit together and let's thrash open the universe.



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