Estatic Fear - A Sombre Dance (1999)
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  1. Intro (Unisono Lute Instrumental) (1:22)
  2. Chapter I (5:03)
  3. Chapter II (4:51)
  4. Chapter III (3:33)
  5. Chapter IV (10:31)
  6. Chapter V (4:51)
  7. Chapter VI (4:50)
  8. Chapter VII (4:52)
  9. Chapter VIII (3:16)
  10. Chapter IX (6:22)

Estatic Fear are phenominal. Each track is written by the frontman Matthias Kogler inserting a wide range of tempos from soft and enchanting to harsh and intense. The tracks are put together as if it were a book. There's an intro followed by 9 chapters. In the review for "Somnium Obmutum" it said how the songs were layered out as if they were stories. The same thing goes for "A Sombre Dance", but relatively more like a book of different settings, since each chapter seems to be a continuation from the last.

The music in this album creates a haunting atmosphere. Even the softer parts have a certain eerie tone to them and it just waits for the right time creep up at you. It basically reminds me of being somewhere secluded at night, such as the woods, where it's calm, beautiful and of course somber, but as we all know there is always something lurking around and it's always ready to come out.

I recently checked out their first album "Somnium Obmutum" and it has also left me in awe. It's really difficult to write a review on anything by these wondrous Austrians, because they're just so astounding that it's a challenge even get started on how fucking amazing they are. I think I love the first album even more, because it's more exciting with the tempo changes whereas "A Sombre Dance" is a bit more flowy. The album art is stunningly gorgeous as well.

I suggest you listen to this flawless mixture of Goth Metal, Doom Metal and Classical Neofolk with no pausing. Just simply enjoy it in all it's glory, because it's a downright ear-gasm.



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