Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs (2009)
©Season of Mist


  1. Suffocated (5:28)
  2. My Heart is a Tomb (4:27)
  3. Into the Black Light (5:27)
  4. Lost in a Loop (5:03)
  5. 22.22 Nihil (5:48)
  6. Architect of New Beginnings (4:32)
  7. Birth (9:01)
  8. Concealed Revulsions (5:30)
  9. Secrets of the Earth (5:04)
  10. A Storm Inside (6:20)

Sometimes I wonder what the heck is wrong with me.  I mean, I can love a band to pieces and immediately dismiss a new release as not being ‘as good’ as their previous effort.  Simply giving it a spin or two and putting it on the back burner until I haphazardly stumble upon and listen again (clearly coming to my senses).  Ghost Brigade is a prime example of this and they just keep trucking along.  Their second release Isolation Songs picks up where they left off with Guided By Fire, only this time more refined and polished.  The production is absolutely top notch. And need I say anything more about the compositions, besides their ability to satisfy immediately?

The band just keeps on pumping out riff after awesome riff along with some of the best damned addictive songs and choruses since, well, their last release.  If bands were drugs then Ghost Brigade’s tracks would be the heroin of the metal industry.  Most will not give them a try but once they do, they’re hooked. 

If you are looking for a band with catchy/tuff riffs, solid composition, emotionally charged overtones ranging from angry to downright sensual, then these guys are for you.  Isolation Songs is alluring and charming, yet uniquely dodgy enough not to be radio friendly.  Much of their praised attributes (see review of Guided by Fire) are fully intact leading to a pure listening experience. Isn’t that what we all want?

- Joel

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