Gojira - From Mars to Sirius (2005)
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  1. Ocean Planet (5:32)
  2. Backbone (4:18)
  3. From the Sky (5:48)
  4. Unicorn (2:09)
  5. Where Dragons Dwell (6:54)
  6. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe (3:57)
  7. Flying Whales (7:44)
  8. In the Wilderness (7:47)
  9. World to Come (6:52)
  10. From Mars (2:24)
  11. To Sirius (5:37)
  12. Global Warming (7:50)

Gojira's way of playing their music has improved from their early days of their debut album "Terra Incognita". The flow of sounds are now more professionally put together and the vibe of this album flows perfectly. I think personally from listening to some of their older material, I can conclude that this album is much more appealing. I would say its because of how everything compliments the instruments and the vocals. Musically, they both go hand in hand which is very important for the listeners.

"From Mars to Sirius" to my ears is a mix of Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Groove Metal and Progressive Metal, keeping in mind that It all fits well when combined and interpretated by the ears.

Joe Duplantier (lead singer) amazes me at all times on this record, I simply love his vocals. His screams accompanied by his deep growls are nothing short of fantastic. 

This album is based about a man that sets out a journey to find "Flying Whales" so that he can be taught how to fly. "From Mars..." makes a few statements about our planet. Like in the album's closer "Global Warming", telling us how fucked up we are in treating our world as well as preparing us for our destined consequences for our never-ending abuse on the planet. However it does so while avoiding any cornyness. Sometimes though, listening to "From Mars..." is like experiencing another dimension of fantasy. Everything about this album makes it a compelling listen and the end result is amazing. 

My favorite songs on this album are "Where Dragons Dwell" and "To Sirius". My least favorite song is "Backbone". Honestly, the track simply bores me. Still though; I definitely recommend this album for listeners who haven’t heard about Gojira and would like to be introduced to their music. Enjoy while its still tasty ;)



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