Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses (2006)
┬ęThe End Records


  1. Sweat Leaf (4:38)
  2. The Burden is Mine Alone (3:15)
  3. Maybe? (5:02)
  4. Alone (3:44)
  5. 9-29-045 (15:30)
    I - My Greater Cause
    II - Homecoming
    III - House of Cards
  6. Child's Play [Pt. III] (3:32)
  7. High Tide Waves (7:50)

This album is very different from Green Carnation's usually darker tones from their other releases. "The Acoustic Verses" consists of seven, or in some editions eight mellow tracks. ("Six Ribbons" is a bonus track and also a Jon English cover.) It is said that this was a big stylistic shift for them and this album shows their softer, warmer side.

Green Carnation manages to add emotion and a mixture of complexity and simplicity into each track. Everything just flows and it's very serene. This dream of an album brings together melodious guitar, strings and piano to create an atmosphere that's tranquil and bitter-sweet. It's absolutely pleasing to the ear.

"9-29-045", the fifth track of the album is a perfect example of the flow of moods put into this album. This track is fifteen minutes and thirty seconds of beautifully composed music. It's basically three songs that have been put into one, so it never gets boring and it shifts from haunting, to light and extravagant. It's definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album.

The fourth track, "Alone" is a poem by Edgar Allan Poe set to music. This is one of my favorite poets and I think that if his poetry is set to music, it has to have a sound that is able to send that feeling that the reader is supposed to get from reading his material. Most of Edgar Allan Poe's work is very eerie, yet beautiful. Green Carnation produced the right sound and I especially love the violin with the fast-paced acoustic guitar.

If you're in the mood for music that's dreamy and soothing I strongly recommend this album.



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