Kivimetsan Druidi - Shadowheart (2008)
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  1. Northwind - Prelude (1:29)
  2. Blacksmith
  3. Jaassaa Varttunut (5:51)
  4. Halls of Shadowheart (4:36)
  5. Pedon Loitsu (5:57)
  6. Burden (4:31)
  7. The Tyrant (5:44)
  8. Tiarnach - Verinummi (2:33)
  9. Verivala (4:01)
  10. Korpin Laulu (5:19)
  11. Mustan Valtikan Aika (7:00)

Kivimetsan Druidi is a great and inspiring band that from Finland. Translated into English, the band’s name comes to "Druid of the Stone Forest". A very interesting name, I must say. There is no doubt that I absolutely admire the Folk Metal scene, and this band is definitely staying firm on my list. The band is accompanied by a female singer, (Leeni-Maria) who possesses fierce operatic vocals. Though, to be honest, she sometimes kills the song with her voice. Some tracks are just not suited for her. However thanks to second vocalist Joni, who comes in with his fierce growls and heavy singing, makes up for it. 

The first song on the album, Blacksmith; is one of my favorites. The first minute of the song sounds very Gothic inspired, much like the way Cradle of Filth does so in their introductions, but instead it just turns into a heavy musical thunderstorm with awesome leads, crushing Death Growls and fast drums accompanied by heavy riffs. The song is sung in two languages, with the majority of it being in their native language of Finnish and at times in English, especially the chorus. 

One song that I can't stand Leeni-Maria’s vocals in is track #6 Burden. They’re atrocious! Thankfully Joni steps in once in a while to help boost it up and make it as fierce at it can be. However, what makes me stay focused on this awful song is when Joni sings his part in the chorus and is able to really make it seem like Leeni doesn’t exist on this track. Nonetheless, this band has achieved the mystical story telling through within their album Shadowheart, making it extremely pleasing for the listener.

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