Lingua - All My Rivals Are Imaginary Ghosts (2010)
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  1. Leave Us Yours (3:37)

  2. It's A Massacre (3:22)

  3. Who's Doing That To You? (5:02)

  4. It's There, It's Life (4:14)

  5. Prodigal Son (2:25)

  6. I'm Not (4:03)

  7. Centerpiece (3:16)

  8. Forment (4:33)

  9. In Mere Defense (5:29)

  10. Cobalt Sky (5:25)

  11. About Time (2:36)

  12. To All Borders (3:55)

  13. Dejected (4:34)

  14. Disperse! (2:52)

Dear Lingua,

Thank you for your excellent 2006 debut album The Smell Of A Life That Could Have Been. It had been a nice refreshing, not too overly familiar release with glimpses of a promising future of followups. Your album was a lot of fun to listen to with all the great vocals passages, swell riffs, decent drumming and catchy, borderline mainstream tracks.

It’s been a while since we’ve last heard from you so I though that a few suggestions for your upcoming release might be of assistance:

  • Please try to make each track sound the same. Fans particularly enjoy repetition and monotony. That way we don’t need to switch on the repeat button.

  • Also, your vocals should sound pretty identical across all tracks. Feel free to throw a minor twist in from time to time but don’t get too creative.

  • Make the guitar riffs as basic as possible and the drumming subtle (like a metronome or timing mechanism). When things get too complicated, we all seem to get frightened and confused.

  • LOTS OF TRACKS. I MEAN LOTS!!!!! The more the better. At least 14 but don’t make them too long. If you do, please make sure that you take your time opening the track with one of those basic guitar riffs or some sort of weird vocal experiment.

  • Oh, and please no screaming or aggression. Nothing makes a metal album more weak when musicians use well placed screams.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message. We’re looking forward to the new release!

\m/ MetalManic \m/


Dear MetalManic,



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