Martyr - Feeding the Abscess (2006)
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  1. Perpetual Healing (Infinite Pain) (5:32)
  2. Lost in Sanity (4:56)
  3. Feast of Vermin (3:37)
  4. Interlude: Desolate Ruins (1:02)
  5. Havoc (3:35)
  6. Namless, Faceless, Neverborn (5:35)
  7. Silent Science (4:28)
  8. Felony (5:31)
  9. Dead Horizon pt. 1: Echoes of the Unseen (2:22)
  10. Dead Horizon pt. 2: Romancing Ghouls (2:35)
  11. Dead Horizon pt. 3: Stasis Field (0:34)
  12. Dead Horizon pt. 4: Shellshocked (3:01)
  13. Brainscan [Voivod Cover] (5:31)

Several years ago, a band known as ‘Death’ revolutionized metal, casting a mold for generations of bands to come. Very few have been able to invoke such an impact upon the industry and frankly, most fall short in their attempts. Enter Martyr.

What we have here is a technically enthralling Prog Death Metal album that is a feast to the ears. Perfectly produced, ‘Feeding The Abscess’ delivers heaps of technical guitar riffs, mind bending (almost digital) bass, masterful drumming and thrash and death style vocals. I don’t know what it is with brothers in bands but Daniel Mongrain (vocals, guitars) and François Mongrain (bass, vocals) have the keen ability to distinctively structure their playing styles and vocal passages in a unique and debilitating fashion. Together, Martyr produces a pure, fresh and almost old school sound. Each instrument stands out on its own and is bang on (unlike many other technical bands that tend to merge all the instruments into a lump of sound).

‘Perpetual Healing (Infinite Pain)’ opens the album and undoubtedly will have listeners convinced that these guys know what they are doing when it comes to metal. From start to finish; the track, as well as the entire album, is bursting with energy - delivering a first class performance to the listener. According to lead vocalist Daniel Mongrain, “the music is really complex, the lyrics are quite accusing, both from a psychological and a political point of view; all this, without being really explicit politically speaking, because they are quite metaphoric. And the music reflects well the complexity of the world we live in. With the music, we wanted to reflect not necessarily technical prowess with our instruments, but the organization of a system that works in chaos, and also tensions, colors. It might not be something we want to hear or feel, but it's something that exists, that we wanted to accuse with our music”.

If this album does not leave a mark on you then you do not know metal. Check it out. You’ll be surprised that there is still a band out there that can pump out an original work of art such as this.


On the 'Tuff scale' of 1 to 5: ‘Feeding the Abscess’ gets 5 F’s - TUFFFFF!


*The ‘Tuff Scale’ is not a rating. It is used as a simple grade of aggression presented by the music reviewed.


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