Mithras - Behind the Shadows Lie Madness (2007)
©Candlelight Records
United Kingdom


  1. The Journey and the Forsaken (2:04)
  2. To Fall From the Heavens (3:47)
  3. Under the Three Spheres (3:22)
  4. Into the Black Holes of Oblivion (3:44)
  5. When the Light Fades Away (2:17)
  6. Behind the Shadows (6:59)
  7. Awaken Man and Stone (4:35)
  8. The Twisted Tower (4:37)
  9. To Where the Sun Never Leaves (3:44)
  10. The Beacon Beckons (2:23)
  11. Thrown Upon the Waves (5:52)
  12. Into the Unknown (1:04)

It’s safe to say that Mithras easily define pure Brutal Death Metal. Although most people at first listen may count them as a Morbid Angel rip-off, Mithras hold their own by dishing out some seriously heavy original modern Metal.

Atmospheric overlay, technical instrumentals and savage vocals are simple terms that describe what is showcased on this release. The guitar riffs have extra crunch and heaviness as they chug along with near impossible double bass drumming. The solos in each song are completely bizarre and sound out of place until you listen to the tracks several times over and suddenly it clicks and they couldn’t seem any more precise. In fact, I have never heard solos quite like these. They are very experimental and crafty. It will definitely take a few listens before you can truly appreciate just how spectacular they really are. As mentioned, the drumming is intense and although very impressive, becomes quite repetitive with its non stop machine like doubles bass. From song to song it sounds pretty much the same. Yet, it's forgivable.

The atmospheric fillers found throughout the album are very well done. I gather, for the most part, they are performed on guitar, which makes them even more special. It may just be me but they sound truly fresh. Be it the way they are genuinely performed or how they are mysteriously in place, they are definitely a welcomed component to the collection of tracks. Without them I’m afraid that the album would be a little too much to handle in one sitting.

A far as production goes it could have been a tad better. Put up along side of other metal albums in the same department, it would sound a bit flat. The perfect performance on the other hand helps pick up the slack. To fully appreciate the album the listener can dedicate their ear to one only one instrument per disc spin and be absolutely mesmerized.

Behind The Shadows Lie Madness is a worthy release for any metal fan and even newcomers. It may not be for everyone but definitely worth giving a few listens to really put your ears and mind to the test. You be the judge.



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