Mono - Hymn To The Immortal Wind

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  1. Ashes In The Snow (11:36)
  2. Burial At Sea (10:39)
  3. Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn (6:00)
  4. Pure As Snow (Trails of the Winter Storm) (11:26)
  5. Follow The Map (3:56)
  6. The Battle To Heaven (12:51)
  7. Everlasting Light (10:23)

Warning: "Hymn To The Immortal Wind" has a tendency to don a drape of tranquility and melancholy over the listener. Perhaps I am being a little dramatic but its true. Mono's latest release, and although I hate to use this term, is an epically orchestrated, ambient instrumental post-rock work of art.

Mono is an 4 piece group from Tokyo, Japan that utilizes layers upon layers of guitar melodies, piano, stringed instruments and spectacular inventive drumming. Their sound is experimental, appealing and entirely unique. A trademark if you will.  Each of their songs is a musical journey that can cause the listeners imagination to run freely into an infinite horizon of facets of discovery and possibilities. The ambient tones and overlays, with absolutely touching piano solos, can bring one to tears. It's almost like a soundtrack to life. We can all suit this music to a moment of life experiences and/or expectations.

Their 2006 release "You Are There" set the bar extremely high for Mono and to my bewilderment the band has managed to grace beyond that point. At first I felt as though there was little progression however I have certainly been proven wrong. "Hymn To The Immortal Wind" is almost like the 'To Be Continued' album to "You Are There". Where the previous release had some aggressive distortion tones and peaks, this album is a smoothing out. Like the calm after a storm it soothes its way into the listeners ears and mind, majestically and continually inventing and reassuring the listener with a deep instrumental story. It's orchestrated perfectly and never lets up in stimulating ones emotions.

"Hymn To The Immortal Wind" is an entirely fulfilling modern masterpiece that expands and sustains its integrity each and every time it is played. It's wonderful to know that musicians out there are able to produce such captivating and meaningful music. Do yourself a favor and check this album out.



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