Noctem - Divinity (2009)
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  1. Atlas Death (0:41)
  2. In the Path of Heleim (3:21)
  3. Realms in Decay (4:17)
  4. The Sanctuary (3:23)
  5. The Call of Oricalco's Horn (3:47)
  6. Across Heracles Towards (4:29)
  7. In the Aeons of Time (2:11)
  8. Necropolys of Esthar's Ruins (5:47)
  9. Divinity [Orchestral Version] (3:15)
  10. Religious Plagues (5:34)
  11. Under Seas of Silence (5:10)
  12. Divinity [Bonus Track] (3:18)

I have been waiting anxiously for Noctem to send me their new album. As soon as the month of May hit, I was checking my e-mail address every single day hoping for an update from these Spanish Hellhounds. Finally it happened and I can stop lurking the band's Myspace for news on the new album, which, coincidentally, I love.

I'm picky with Metal. There is a lot of it, and with gross numbers in a genre, comes repetitiveness and with that, comes boredom. With bands like Dimmu Borgir, Bloodbath, Arch Enemy and Behemoth dominating the Metal world in their own ways; it's hard to find reasons to discover new bands. However, I must hand it to Noctem for captivating my senses with their completely chaotic and blasphemic destructions (creations) of Blackened Death Metal, because their new album entitled Divinity is a master craft which deserves all the credit and praise it gets. It's an album of pure unadulterated hatred and energy, which when put into motion, creates a world of darkness which you will find impossible to pull yourself away from. Although they play a familiar genre of Metal, the band has the ability to make it sound quite fresh and new.

Everything I said in my review of their MCD God Among Slaves [link] feels like an understatement because Divinity violently rapes the group's previous material. Not to say the older work was bad, however with this new album, comes a new sense of professionalism in every aspect. The guitar work has evolved to a much heavier and more sophisticated level and the drumming is (for lack of a better statement) fucking insane. - Much more improved from the MCD. I made a complaint on the bass drums not having enough volume to them in my God Among Slaves review, however; it's all been fixed up very nicely on Divinity. Even the vocals have been improved, sounding tons more professionally energized and hectic than before. As for production quality, it's a major step up. Everything sounds clear. Each instrument (along with the vocals) stand out individually, giving their properly desired balance on the record.

The whole album just drips of well crafted worksmanship in every way. Everything that I loved about God Among Slaves has been improved to the point where I find myself contemplating which direction Noctem will take even further down the road. This one feels like it's going to be Hell to top. From the opener Atlas Death to the closing bonus track, nothing will feel like a waste of time.

This is an album very worthy of purchase. Noctem has become one of my favorite bands. Rest assured, the same will happen to you.

Favorite tracks: Realms in Decay, The Sanctuary, Under Seas of Silence.



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