Novembre - Materia (2006)
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  1. Verne (5:44)
  2. Memoria Stoica/Vetro (6:00)
  3. Reason (7:30)
  4. Aquamarine (5:13)
  5. Jules (5:47)
  6. Geppetto (7:00)
  7. Comedia (6:55)
  8. The Promise [Arcadia Cover] (5:33)
  9. Materia (5:41)
  10. Croma (6:25)
  11. Nothijngrad (6:08)

Whether it be through the guitar(s), drums, or romantic to harsh vocals, Novembre not only woo's you into its captivating lull but also explodes at times with a release of frustration, aggression, rage, and relief. You could almost say that this album has the ability to read your mind. One moment you are listening to the serenading classical guitar with both soothing Italian and English vocals, then the thought occurs, "Man, wouldn't it be awesome if the song just took off?" Low and behold it does. Furthermore, you may think "What are the odds of a double-bass kicking in?" BAM—it's yours! I am not saying the album is predictable; it's just that everything unfolds itself just as you would hope it would although you don't really expect it to happen. It is almost too good to be true, forcing you to listen to it again to prove it to yourself. Each track on its own is a great listening experience. However, to encompass the full effect of Materia, one needs to sit back and listen to it straight through… Uninterrupted!

The album starts off with Verne. A lovely warm intro with soothing hopeful vocals and a subtle guitar riff. Pace picks up as well as heaviness, however when vocals continue in their original tone, the instrumental elements continues to gain. Leading into several solos and ambient silence, language change, whirling guitar riffs/solos accompanied by some punch with double bass. It is a wonderful window to warm the listener up for what this album may present and what Novembre is capable of accomplishing.

The mid-song slow down is a clever technique Novembre utilizes to indicate a lyrical turnover from English to Italian. This occurs several times throughout the album and it flows extremely well. Some tracks start with Italian lyrics (Jules, Geppetto, Croma) and others with English (Verne, Memoria Stoica/Vetro, Reason, Aquamarine, Comedia, Promise, Materia, Nothijngrad), and in a lot of cases I get the two confused. This is very effective. A definite bonus for those who are turned off by lyrics they are unable to actively interpret.

The classical/acoustic guitar element throughout "Materia" is as dominant as the vocal styling of Carmelo. Their presence is found throughout the entire album outweighing even the heavier moments during songs. Not only is it interesting to hear how well Novembre's approach works, the classical component is also impeccably capable of being incorporated into the heavier moments. An excellent example of this is "The Reason". Opeth comes to mind by wonderfully incorporating the classical acoustic in their music, however with November, it seems they have an edge; one which I can't quite put my thumb on (please don't kill me).

The guitars are bang on and the drumming masterful. From soothing to screaming, Carmello's vocals with suck you in intensely. What more could a listener ask for? "Materia" perfectly demonstrates how Novembre are progressing and not becoming watered downed as most bands today seem to be doing the further they move on into their careers. "Materia" is an absolute necessity for anyone who has an ear for Progressive Rock/Metal. This album has every thing you need from easy listening moments to a taste of death metal. Romantic, sad, hopeful, joyful, angry, frustrating, and depressing elements are meticulously found throughout in a unique swamp-mix/schmorgous-board of instrumental and vocal representation. You name it and this albums got it!



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