Red Orchid - Sky Is Falling (2009)


  1. Revive (7:40)
  2. Walking in the Sky (6:25)
  3. Sky Is Falling (7:59)
  4. Eclipse (1:24)
  5. Far From Home (5:38)
  6. Somewhere In the Time (4:31)
  7. Silence Within (7:25)

This is Red Orchid, and they’re here to Prog the shit out of you. From the very beginning you’ll notice Vocalist Sanmeet Sidhu has the distinct sound of a younger Steven Wilson. This similarity brings a warm feeling of understanding to the compositions, as if you’ve walked down this path on days past, and if that doesn’t sound inviting enough to give this album a spin, then the Pink Floyd-esque fluidity of the songs will surely take their grasp on you, yet contrary to Pink Floyd, much of the feeling presented on “Sky is Falling” is that of a more up-beat nature, although the dark lyrics add a sense of contrast to the inclination of the songs.

The instruments are played very well and each member of the band showcases their talents fluently, yet in an amateur fashion, whereas you can hear all the members’ influences quite clearly throughout the album. This isn’t a criticism, but more of an observation that Red Orchid has laid out their foundation over a genre they know very well and are leaving room to grow and expand their boundaries.

From the Opeth inspired acoustic guitars to the Agalloch-entwined synths to the dynamic instrumentation and vocalization in the style of Porcupine Tree; Red Orchid have given forth a straight forward, yet lively Progressive Rock album that won’t show signs of wear anytime soon.

I’m very picky with my music, and I won’t give a positive review to a band just because they sent me their album free of charge in exchange for promises of a fair examination of their music, but I feel as if Red Orchid honestly deserve it. Here’s to hoping for a bright future for these guys!


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