Riding Pânico - Lady Cobra

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  1. E Se A Bela For O Monstro (6:51)
  2. Running Kids (7:45)
  3. One Winged Cessna (3:28)
  4. Naja(2:20)
  5. Roses  and Razors (8:41)
  6. Vox Humana(4:22)
  7. Capelo(2:34)
  8. Volvo(8:48)
  9. Aspide(2:33)

First follow these few instructions:

Light one up and sit back. Enjoy!! Being an instrumental band, in my opinion, takes more guts and talent to perform. I think it’s almost harder to impress since there’s no vocals and that is a noticeable missing link in some cases. The band really has to get it together and have catchy riffs, interesting drum beats, some kick ass time changes and a good flow. This is just what this band did. It’s fluently electric, unique, and just reminds me of a hot summer day. This album is one you can pop in and listen from starting to end without being bored or uninterested; you just want to hear what comes next in a mellow kind of way.

This band, which consists of 7 members from Portugal, have been brought together with a common commitment to defeat “static and inertia through music”. Having experience in the music world, these guys are pretty well known across our great ocean. Performing in the Portuguese metal scene with bands like If Lucy Fell and Men Eater. Riding Pânico brings you on an electrical ride of mixed emotion: tragedy, sadness, happiness, laughter. They described themselves best:

"Riding Pânico is one of high musical density where melancholic textures, dissonant gestures and layers of guitar loops work together to blur the lines of their own identity. Their sound invites you to ride through this lush atmosphere of stillness and motion." They didn’t miss a beat!

If you’re big into Death Metal (you know murderous screams, machine gun drums ,all around messy yet structured) then this is not something you'll find here. If you want to listen to clean, classically structured music and just to chill out to some mystical guitar riffs and effects, this is an album definitely worth looking at. One can simply place focus upon and appreciate the talent in song writing and composition. "Lady Cobra" is a magnificent work of art: bright with colors and dark emotions.  They are well on their way...

-Stephanie Anna



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