The Chronicles of Israfel - Starborn: Tome I


  1. Starborn Part I: Empire Of Light (4:47)
  2. Starborn Part II: Citizen (1:24)
  3. Starborn Part III: On a Forever Road (6:25)
  4. Burning Day (2:26)
  5. The Equinigma (4:28)
  6. Laudanum (7:52)
  7. Nation (5:45)
  8. Born Fighting (3:52)
  9. Kill Division (3:22)
  10. New Mood Therapy For A Medicated Babylon (6:08)
  11. Eugenics (5:23)
  12. Home to Oblivion(5:53)
  13. Lacrima Christi (2:15)

Beautiful, hypnotic, divine are just a few words to describe this masterpiece.  This solo debut is the first of a series of three to be composed by Dominic Cifarelli (former guitarist of Pulse Ultra). The album is written like a story based on Dominic's struggles trough an uncertain period in his music career that eventually lead to the breakup of Pulse Ultra

Israfel (the main character if you haven’t figured it out yet) takes you on a magnificent journey as he tries to find a new home and battles with the self discovery of his new intrinsic design. The album begins with three guitar led instrumentals to prepare you for this journey. It really sets the scene for the rest of the album as it perfectly flows together. Every Instrument plays an important part in establishing the mood. It's progressive rock metal at its finest with guitar riffs so fresh and crisp in these first three tracks (especially Starborn Part I) alone which could sufficiently serve a satisfying mini compilation.

As the journey merges to track four, the flow and mood of album becomes quite mellow dramatic. You sense the fear, confusion and the burden of a new life ahead of him. It is also at this point where we are introduced to the spectacular vocals of Americo "Rico" Antonucci. The chronicle continues through the song "Born Fighting" as the album takes yet another different turn of a Progressive Metal flare. It gets heavy and energizing. Apparently Dom captured this atmosphere as a result of watching a lot of violent Japanese Anime to create disturbing, unearthly and dark imagery.

"Starborn: Tome I" is a roller coaster of creativity, emotions and great instrumental structure. I hear a lot of Tool, Porcupine Tree, even a bit of Pink Floyd influence in some of the songs. See for yourself in the tracks "Laudanum" and "Nation". The vocals and guitars can be quite comparable yet very original. I also love the fact that piano and keyboard are incorporated in to many, if not all of the songs. It completes the set and gives it fullness. Every note is where it should be and I wouldn’t change anything about this album.  Although the album smoothly comes to a close by a single acoustic guitar and the sound of fire, the next chapter has yet to be delivered. With talent as sharp as this, one can only begin to imagine the beauty and wonders which may emerge upon the release of "Tome II..."

-Stephanie Anna


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